Giới đầu tư bất động sản quan tâm Nha Trang như thế nào?

09:25 28/06/2017

The opportunities for investors. However, opportunities only for the first foresight and delivery. The site starts off fast at projects with good location and visibility of reputable investments.

There are many social projects in the province that are both waiting for funding. When due to standiting for chanced or cam connect to the subtract, supported for a business to business and a people.

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- In the most recent period is scattered, Vinpearl Villas Phú Quốc 2 area is increasing, increasing from 50 to 60%. This this thing sir?

Land area increased by 50-60%, have to reconsider, in the past 2 years, all mile resort, land floor growth of 20 to 30%. This is my number we are not unexpected. Khanh Hoa Real Estate Association estimates that up to 1,000 plots of land were traded in the West last year.

All of the resorts and condominiums grew by 20-30%

Show in the earth datasation as soon as you can see what you order when you have a very many consultant to buy this position, do not provide the most as well as the value of the scarce. Khanh Hoa is centrally located in the administrative center in the west and has connecting floors, creating credits for several decades to come.

In the near future, when investors come to Nha Trang to look at any resort products, they will not see the potential of the urban area. East of Nha Trang is focused on trade and services, the rest is concentrated elsewhere. This complete to complete the development deviation.

- Can you give some forecasts on Nha Trang real estate in the future?

By 2020, the number of visitors to Vinpearl Villas bãi dài Nha Trang is expected to increase from 5 million at the current time to 7.2 million. At that time, the city had to have 19,200 new 3 to 5 star hotels to meet demand, but only 17,600 rooms could be supplied in four years.

The Nha Trang hotel in Nha Trang in the time to

With potential potential so many, such any product in the region will always be septified, with the account and can not be given in the future. Outside that, Law to rest for the user will be logged in.

The extra factor, land grab, land hold and property ownership with the people they want to make the Sunwah Pearl Sai Gon transportation platform is expected to increase sharply in the second half of the year.